Re: SO2R 2BSIQ change - huh?

Steve London

I don't believe anything has changed in this area in a while.

Try earlier releases and see if you can determine if and when this changed.

Steve, N2IC

On 03/08/2020 07:22 AM, VE9AA - Mike wrote:
When doing 2BSIQ (ESM)  I always used to hit CTRL+ENTER and it would transmit on the opposite radio and listen on the other radio.  Now it does not do it.  I've learned this over years of practice and now somethings changed.
I (think) I've tried all settings to get that back, but no dice.
Now to CQ on alternate bands every time I have to do this:
Very confusing, especially when you get a don't "know" (muscle memory) where the next transmission is gonna end up.
What happened?
The closest I can get to the old way is "dual CQing", but I don't want "automatic", I wish to control where my transmissions go and when, by hitting CTRL+ENTER (or CTRL+F key).
Help !
Mike VE9AA

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