Re: Flex3000+PowerSDR and SO2V operation - invalid self switching Monitore function

Tomáš Káčerek

Hi John, that is not about the MultiRx switching. I use PowerSDR with No RX2 radio Flex3000 few month and lot of contests i worked.

The problem is about MON (monitoring) own NF signal. It is needful to check and listen own CW keying.
Then MON button has three of stages. MON = monitore off, MONs = monitore on secondary stage processing, MONpr = minitore ON primary stage NF preprocessing. It is cycled by this three stages.

When I going to contact on VFO/B by "\" or mouse click into second entry window and when I going back to VFO/A then it's happened the situation, that MON function on transceiver going to status MONpr and I lost monitore sound from transceiver. After this I have to doubleclick on MON button in PowerSDR to reactive MONs status to hear a monitore CW own produced signal.

It is hardly complicate contest use of SO2V functionality in stereo mode VFOa/VFOb which I like to use on mz previouse transceires with dual VFO capability K3, FT1000 or with SDR 2nd receiver.

CAT commands which manipulates with this function are ZZM0, ZZM1 and ZZM2

I hope that it is clear. If not, I can send a video of use. It is simply reproducable issue.

Tom ok1dwq

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