Re: using cut numbers in "Sent Exchange" when setting up a contest


Same to me but was starting the contest and my fastest answer was change the exchange value to ATT on the contest setup page in order to don't change the macros config. Hope the answer too best rgds. Noe CO8NMN

El lun, 17 de febrero de 2020 06:11, DD5XX <dd5xx@...> escribió:
Hi all,

when creating a new log for a contest there is a field "Sent Exchange". For example, in the ARRL DX CW contest I use "100". My macro is using the {EXCH} for sending. Unfortuantely this is not what I want to. Under [Config] --> [Configure Ports, Mode Control, ... Other] in the second tab [Function Keys] I have checked "Send cut numbers" and configured "Cut Number Style" = "(TAN)".

Unfortunately this doesn't seem to work because it shows no effect in a contest. Whenever I sent the exchange N1MM+ transmits the number 100, but I would have expected to hear a ATT (=short cut for 100).

I did use following workaround --> "File" --> "Open Log in database" --> tab [Contest] --> "Sent Exchange" = ATT
and after the contest I changed this setting back to the value 100.

But why doesn't this work as expected, what did I miss? any help appreciated. Thank you in advance.



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