Re: RTTY call stacking: Next Call not working with ESM


You are confusing LOGTHENGRAB with LOGTHENPOP. They are two different things and work differently. The Next key (your F10) only works with LOGTHENPOP. Read <> carefully.

Rich VE3KI

On Tue, Feb 11, 2020 at 09:36 PM, Mike Dodd wrote:
Having just finished CQ WPX RTTY, I looked into call stacking for the next RTTY contest. I read the manual, and have the following set up:
  • Configurer: Next Call key set to F10
  • Function keys: F10 Next call,{TX} ! {LOGTHENGRAB}TU NOW...{F5}{F2} {RX}
  • Digital Interface: Call stacking enabled
Receiving, calls are stacked in the DI's Grab pane. When I test a run QSO and press F10, the Q is logged, the next callsign is grabbed, and the TU is transmitted. It works fine. But this does not happen if I use ESM. When I hit Enter, this does not happen. Instead, the Q is logged and the next callsign is popped from the stack, but it is not copied to the main window and my standard TU N4CF CQ message is sent.

The Configurer screen has a notice above the function key assignments that says, "Make sure the key mappings below match the contents of the keys as defined in ... Config/Change Digital Buttons." See the attached screen shot.

I can't find Config/Change Digital Buttons. This might explain why ESM doesn't work. Can someone point me in the right direction?


--- Mike N4CF

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