Re: IC-7100 Filter change in RTTY

KG7D Greg


When I put in the two commands I get "Filter code error, input ignored" with the red dot. Seeing what commands you were using I looked up "Data mode with filter width setting" It appears to me that the first code to set USB mode and filter isn't necessary.  When using Data setting with filter code: FE FE 88 E0 1A 06 01 01 FD  that the first 01 set the Data mode and the second 01 (or 02-03) set the filter. Perhaps I'm way off here, it didn't work anyway. Nothing I put in the Digi Wide or Digi Narrow codes makes any difference.

In my testing I also found that in SSB and CW when I set the filters to #2 as wide and #3 as narrow. A double click on the button is required to change from wide  to narrow, but only a single click for narrow to wide. Is this normal? Also, that changing the SSB wide and SSB narrow don't effect 40m and 80m, didn't test 160m, but I'm betting its something to do with all the LSB bands.

Greg Moore - KG7D

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