Re: IC-7100 Filter change in RTTY

John Bednar



It does matter that you are using AFSK-R and not RTTY. The Icom filter selection requires that the mode is sent to the radio. The radio firmware does not include a separate command for filter selection.


For USB-D mode, a second command needs to be sent to the radio to enable data option.


You can change the command that is sent to the radio by right clicking in the Bandmap and selecting Set Transceiver Filter Codes.


Here are the two strings that will set filter 1 and filter 2 in the radio. The byte that sets the filter is highlighted.


FE FE 88 E0 06 01 01 FD  FE FE 88 E0 1A 06 01 FD      

FE FE 88 E0 06 01 02 FD  FE FE 88 E0 1A 06 01 FD            



John, K3CT




From: [] On Behalf Of KG7D Greg via Groups.Io
Sent: Monday, February 10, 2020 2:27 PM
Subject: [N1MM+] IC-7100 Filter change in RTTY


IC-7100, Win 10, Logger Version 1.0.8131.0:

The Wide/Narrow filter button at the top of the bandmap window doesn't change filter width when in RTTY mode, or other digital modes either. (I'm using AFSK-R not FSK I don't think that matters, but..). It toggles fine between filters 1 and 2 in SSB. Is this a "bug" or this normal?  Even in RTTY, I usually use my wide filters unless I'm having trouble reading a signal due to another signal very close.

The IC-7100 has three filter widths, it would be nice if it could toggle between all three. Or is there somewhere that I can choose which two filter widths it toggles between?

Not that I used it during the RTTY contest, but he addition of the RIT feature is very handy., and seems to be working fine. Thank you.

Greg Moore - KG7D

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