IC-7100 Filter change in RTTY

KG7D Greg

IC-7100, Win 10, Logger Version 1.0.8131.0:

The Wide/Narrow filter button at the top of the bandmap window doesn't change filter width when in RTTY mode, or other digital modes either. (I'm using AFSK-R not FSK I don't think that matters, but..). It toggles fine between filters 1 and 2 in SSB. Is this a "bug" or this normal?  Even in RTTY, I usually use my wide filters unless I'm having trouble reading a signal due to another signal very close.

The IC-7100 has three filter widths, it would be nice if it could toggle between all three. Or is there somewhere that I can choose which two filter widths it toggles between?

Not that I used it during the RTTY contest, but he addition of the RIT feature is very handy., and seems to be working fine. Thank you.

Greg Moore - KG7D

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