LZDOMESTIC transmits but doesn't log complete sent exchange

Lyubomir Slavov, OR2F

Hi All !

I was asked by LZ-fellow to rise the issue he has :
During whole LZ-domestic tournament period the sent exchanges are transmitted complete and correct but on some QSO lines or all of them in the log the second half / {LASTEXCH} is missing ... as well as it doesn't appear afterwards in the generated Cabrillo, i.e. extra time+error risk to write them addendum in the text file.


Same behavior with LZDOMESTIC, LZOPEN, LZFILED etc.
Same behavior with Windows7 and Windows10

With me all is 100% OK, I can't reproduce such a phenomena ... neither on the my pc with Win7 nor Win10.


Just for test, on the pc with Win7 he has installed very old N1MM-Classic pack and did same simulation with same result - the 'EXCH' column of the log keeps blank:

Any idea what could be the root cause ?

Leo / OR2F

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