Re: WFD Log Issues

Rich K1DJ

Like Jeff’s my WFD log import went well without incident.  But my WFD log issue was that the log did not count multipliers except for the first on each band, although the mults window counted them all.
Rich, K1DJ

On Jan 26, 2020, at 5:18 PM, JeffH <jeff@...> wrote:


I see there's another topic for people that were having issues with importing the UDC file for WFD. I was able to import the file and support file without any issues.

I have a couple of issues that I'm unsure of how to resolve. When I compare the Cabrillo export to what the WFD website shows in their example, I have discrepancies with several fields that are either missing (i.e. SOAPBOX and ARRL SECTION), or fields where the data in my log is not formatted the same way (i.e. the example shows country is USA but mine is simply listed as UNITED STATES)

While I was able to import the WFDA2RTTY.udc file without issues, someone else shared their UDC file which is version 1.0.5. Mine is 1.0.4. Can I replace version 1.0.4 with 1.0.5?

If I do that, is it possible to update my WFD log with the schema for 1.0.5 without breaking anything?

Would it be ok for me to attach my Cabrillo log so someone can take a look at it?

Thanks in advance!


Jeff Hochberg
Atlanta, GA

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