Re: MTTY keys rig separately but not with N1MM


CW reading should not be a problem - that's receive only. N1MM+ does not support transmitting from the CW reader window.

CW transmitting requires some kind of keying connection between the computer and the radio, and that generally uses a COM port somewhere. I don't know whether you have a choice of which COM port and which control line to use for CW keying in the 7610, but if you are able to use, say, DTR on the radio control port for CW keying, then you can check the CW/Other check box beside that port and set the control line (DTR) in the setup window for that COM port to CW, If the only control lines you are able to use are on the other COM port, then you will need to configure that port in the Configurer by checking both the CW/Other and Digital check boxes for it and then configuring the CW keying control line appropriately. There will be corresponding settings in the radio's menu, I am sure. Checking the Digital check box should tell N1MM+ to close the port in digital modes so that EXTFSK can use it, then reopen it again when you switch to CW.

Rich VE3KI

On Sun, Jan 26, 2020 at 05:21 PM, @sy308 wrote:
Rich, I restarted the program after removing the second 7610 COM port and got an OK status with EXTFSK.  Transmits OK but late for the sprint contest.  I did not yet try CW reading yet.  Do I need to have any other setting or COM change for that feature to work?  Thanks.

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