Re: VE mults in 160 contest

VE9AA - Mike


Agreed. You are correct.  There are very rare exceptions.  Much less than 1%(imo), but by and large, 99%+ of VE's that contest, follow the rules...either written or implied and you can pretty much rest assured we are all where we say we are.

Wouldn't it be more prudent to have 99% of VE's populate the bandmap correctly as "red" mults?...and correct the 1%(or less) that choose to go against the grain?

Other than guys like VE5UA, there is an exception out East here than in 1992 & 1993 some VE1's in PEI and NB chose to stay VE1's and did not upgrade to VY2's and VE9's like most of us did. (All new licensees since 1992/1993 HAD to take the new prefix however)
I don't think any VE1 stalwarts in NB/PE are contesters, so it would be pretty rare (but certainly not impossible) to run into them, so you're correct....there are a few out there that will potentially upset the applecart.

Anyways. I work around it, but it makes it all that much more confusing when seeing "blue" VE calls in the bandmap.

Also, any contest where I am at a point of just displaying Avail "MULT\s" (and not mults and Q's) in the Avail Mults/Q's window, I know I'll potentially miss any "blue" VE mults.

Mike VE9AA

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