Re: Key sequence to swap between contests

Tim Shoppa

Swapping between two contests with nothing in the entry window is easy. Alt-F and then 2. That always gets you to the previously active contest and will swap back and forth between two no problem.

Swapping between 3 contests, hit Alt-F then look at the menu and select between hitting the 2 and 3 keys.

Note a bug introduced a few years ago means you cannot switch between contests with anything in the entry window. So if you’ve already typed the guys call and need to switch contests, it now becomes Alt-W Alt-F 2 Alt-W to do wipe, switch, unwipe. A lot more hassle than it used to be.

Tim N3QE

On Jan 24, 2020, at 8:37 AM, Kenneth Bandy <ken.kj9b@...> wrote:

I know I have seen this feature mentioned before, but haven't used it.  I want to be able to swap between the three QSO parties I'll be working this weekend.  Seems like there was a key combination (Alt-something, or Ctrl-something) to facilitate this.  I will make a note on my keyboard this time!


Thanks in advance,

Ken, KJ9B

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