Re: Audio issue :N1MM/SO2R - Only able to play CQ WAV one time for left radio, right radio is OK.

John Bednar



You are using the legacy WinXp audio player. It is prone to runtime errors and losing the selected audio device when Windows shuffles the audio device table.


I expect you will have fewer issues if you use the replacement audio player.  Click, Config, Use Logger+ Audio. You will have to configure the audio devices because the *ini file settings different.


John, K3CT


From: <> On Behalf Of Jason Newton
Sent: Monday, January 20, 2020 1:00 PM
Subject: [N1MM+] Audio issue :N1MM/SO2R - Only able to play CQ WAV one time for left radio, right radio is OK.



For the NAQP-SSB this weekend I (finally) decided to use the audio features of N1MM to send a CQ WAV file.  The WAV file was recorded using Audacity.
I edited the .mc file to link the appropriate WAV file (a CQ message) which resides in the appropriate folder. 
Using the N1MM documentation as guidance I used Config-->Configure Ports etc.-->Audio to reflect my setup (SO2R- Output Left channel on left radio, Right channel on right radio). (Screenshot #1 below).  In the setup portion of the Audio tab I indicated the appropriate device for left and right radios.  Hit OK to exit.

Using the Pause key to move focus to Left radio (if it isn't already) and hit F1 (run mode) and the WAV plays. Awesome.  Use Pause to move focus to the right radio and hit F1 (run mode) and WAV plays. Great.

Problem to follow:
When I move focus back to the left radio and hit F1 again the WAV file plays, the rig keys but no sound. Hmm. Back to right radio, hit F1 and WAV plays. Back to left radio and F1 = no audio but the WAV plays.  I have the Win7 speaker volume mixer open so I can see the signal level of the left speaker is changing when the WAV plays but just no audio and rig keys normally.  Right radio WAV functions normally.

I have been able to repeat this by selecting Config--> Configure ports... and then OK to close it.  The left radio plays the WAV one time and then  will not play again.  For the right radio F1 plays the WAV as expected.

Any ideas?   I have spent time messing with the audio in Win7 (setting default) to no avail. (Yes I see that any changes to the default device in WIn7 require N1MM to be closed and relaunched, this has no effect).

Summary: N1MM plays CQ Wav for left radio once then no more audio. Right radio works fine. Opening and closing N1MM configurer seems to "reset" the issue.

Setup is:
Win7Home 64
2x Ftdx-3000

Thanks in advance!

Jason K8JT

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