Re: No transmit keying

Andy (KU7T)

WK3Tools works. A slightly different approach is to open Windows Device Manager, then unplug and plug back in. You should see the COM port disappearing and reappearing.  No other software needed.


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After disconnecting my Winkeyer from my Windows 10 computer, I've discovered that I routinely have to use WK3Tools to find out what port it is currently listening on, and then change the N1MM setting to match. Aggravating, but seems to be the price for the extreme convenience that the Winkeyer brings (in particular the ability to change from CW to phone and digital modes without rearranging my PTT setup) 

73, Pete N4ZR
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On 1/22/2020 9:49 PM, rodman@... wrote:
A different WinKeyer worked with N1MM.  I have two.  The only difference was one was set up with Port1 (worked) and the other Port2 (did not work).  I have two radios at the station set up for the first WinKeyer.  TS590 went to Port1 and TS890 Port2.  I haven't researched this extensively in the documentation, but it would appear that CW keying will only work in my setup when Port1, Key1, etc. is used and selected but not Port2. This was frustrating to figure out and it wasted about 5 hours of my time.  Perhaps this clarification might show in Config menu setup for WinKeyer later on so it is more obvious??  Thanks.

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