Re: Video: Setting up an SDRPlay Spectrum Window in N1MM+


The IF source is not supported with the IQ option. However, since you have Waterfall Bandmap working, all you need to do is set the Spectrum Display window to use Waterfall Bandmap as its spectrum source ("For all other radios, source named" and enter Waterfall Bandmap as the name of the source). Once this is working, you can minimize the WB window to free up display space.

Rich VE3KI

On Thu, Jan 23, 2020 at 12:14 PM, Fred KG9X wrote:
  I am interested in using my SDRPlay RSP1a with the N1MM+ spectrum window.  I follow the setup instructions and can see a window but without any signals, just noise.  i have my RSP1a connected to a FT1000MP on the 1st IF 70.455MHz output with a buffer amp PAT by KD2C.  With the N1MM+ spectrum window I don't see anything to indicate / select that I'm using an IF output frequency instead of at actual RF frequency.  Am I missing something or is the spectrum window not capable of using an IF frequency for the display in this instance?

  I know the FT1KMP / RSP1A setup works as I have it working with the WaterfallBandmap program.  If I have that running at the same time as N1MM+ I can see signals but that is of course not integrated into N1MM+ for use.

  73,  Fred  KG9X

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