Re: Video: Setting up an SDRPlay Spectrum Window in N1MM+

Fred KG9X

  I am interested in using my SDRPlay RSP1a with the N1MM+ spectrum window.  I follow the setup instructions and can see a window but without any signals, just noise.  i have my RSP1a connected to a FT1000MP on the 1st IF 70.455MHz output with a buffer amp PAT by KD2C.  With the N1MM+ spectrum window I don't see anything to indicate / select that I'm using an IF output frequency instead of at actual RF frequency.  Am I missing something or is the spectrum window not capable of using an IF frequency for the display in this instance?

  I know the FT1KMP / RSP1A setup works as I have it working with the WaterfallBandmap program.  If I have that running at the same time as N1MM+ I can see signals but that is of course not integrated into N1MM+ for use.

  73,  Fred  KG9X

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