locked Re: Spotting


so I guess there is no way to do it without danger to the spotter..



On 1/23/2020 9:34 AM, Paul Evans W4/VP9KF wrote:
You need to read the rules. The gold standard is clearly CQWW:

QSO finding assistance: The use of any technology or other source that provides call sign or multiplier identification of a signal to the operator. This includes, but is not limited to, use of a CW decoder, DX cluster, DX spotting web sites (e.g., DX Summit), local or remote call sign and frequency decoding technology (e.g., CW Skimmer or Reverse Beacon Network), or operating arrangements involving other individuals.

If you are running a CWSkimmer locally you are assisted. If you are connected (appear in the USERS list) of a DX Cluster you are assisted and cannot prove otherwise. Packet frames are passing between you and an assistance source.

In a former life I was a member of the RSGB HF Contests Committee and it was at the time that this technology was emerging. Assisted vs. un-assisted had to be invented and then defined. We warned and then disqualified several people and they were not allowed in contests for 5 years.

Besides, contest organisers talk to each other. You DO NOT want to either come under suspicion OR be disqualified because your contesting days will essentially be over. Understand?

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