Re: F6 QSO B4 Key

Tim Shoppa

Not N1MM-techie, but just on general contesting principle:

In this modern day and age with computer logs and no penalty for computer log dupes, you should not tell them QSO B4, you should work them and log them again. They probably busted your call the first time and the quickest way to deal with it and get both of you points, is to just work them again.

Tim N3QE

On Thu, Jan 23, 2020 at 8:43 AM Alan Holdsworth <alanholdsworth@...> wrote:

Hi Guys/Girls


Just setting up for a SSB contest and during my tests, I have noticed that I have to double click on the F6 QSO B4 Key. This is not really a problem but I have not noticed this before and seem to recall that all of the “N1MM+ F keys” were single click.


F6 B4,!,g8oo\qsob4.wav,g8oo\cq.wav,g8oo\mycall.wav{WIPE}


Kind regards


Alan Holdsworth  g8oo


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