locked Re: Spotting

Mirko ļæ½ibilja

Hi Joe,

I think it is done automatically for all your S&P contact, as long as you are connected to your telnet cluster. (After connecting, you should minimalismĀ Telnet window if unassisted)...
In N1MM Ligger Classic there was Spot It button in EW and somewhere in config option to choose automatical spotting of S&P Qs...

73 Mirko, S57AD

V V sre., 22. jan. 2020 ob 20:26 je oseba Joe WB9SBD <nss@...> napisala:

In N1MM+, is there a way to spot someone, but not be as being assisted?

Like I want to run un-assisted, yet I want to help stations out by
spotting them.


Mirko S57AD

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