Re: Connecting WSJT-X and GridTrracker to N1MM

Knut Meland

Rick: Connection IC-7300/N1MM/WSJT works fine here. Was just looking for a way to interconnect with Grid Tracker, which is an useful tool when working FT4/8. My knowledge to Windows 10 is not particularly deep, but could it be possible to split the 2237 port and use it for two purposes?
73 de Knut LA9RY
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Fra: Rick Ellison <>
Sendt: Sat, 28 Dec 2019 02:34:52 +0100 (CET)
Emne: Re: [N1MM+] Connecting WSJT-X and GridTrracker to N1MM

As far as I know N1MM and Gridtracker cannot use the same port at the same time. N1MM talks to WSJT via port 2237 to receive its messages for various functions including logging. Since N1MM is using this port Gridtracker cannot use the same port. If you have your 7300 connected and working with N1MM then there is no reason you should not have a working radio connection to WSJT as long as WSJT is set to use the DXLabs Commander setting. The only requirement to make WSJT and N1MM work together is to load WSJT by having its path and the correct port configured in the WSJT/JTDX setup tab and load WSJT by using the Load WSJT/JTDX menu item in the windows menu. Also when using the 7300 you should make sure that on the Mode tab in the N1MM config for the Digi Dropdown under the radio you are using select AFSK-R which will put your radio in the required mode of USB-D. Doing it this way will guarantee successful inter working between N1MM and WSJT.

73 Rick N2AMG

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Subject: [N1MM+] Connecting WSJT-X and GridTrracker to N1MM

Connecting WSJT-X to N1MM has been a success, making wsjt-x-logging more visible.
I have tried to simultanously connect GridTracker to WSJT-X. The idea is to get a better overview of FT8/FT4 traffic on a particular band.
So far I have a working connection between WSJT and GridTracker (GT).
I have working connection between my IC-7300 and N1MM, and WSJT-X can receive.
But I have not a working CAT and PTT in WSJT-X.
That is my status this late hour. I thought someone might have figured out how to do this. That is why i post this message.
So far I have tampered with the ports in N1MM/Config/WSJT, using port 2237 between WSJT and GT. I use port 2233 between N1MM and WSJT.
WSJT is configured to use DX Lab Suite Commander to connect to N1MM.
Anyone who will share thoughts about this?
73 de LA9RY Knut

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