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Larry K8UT


I looked at the online user manual and it references the Right Panel #4 "COM interface". Searching the manual for "computer control" there is a reference on page 49:

"A standard CIV instruction set is used to enable you to remotely control the transceiver with the standard instructions of this instruction set , the control instruction part of other software can also be configured to realize the control of X5105."

IF this radio uses the Icom standard CI-V instruction set you might be able to use a serial-to-CI-v adapter cable, plugged into the right-panel port #4,  and configure N1MM for an Icom radio -- which Tom thinks might be an IC-7000

-larry K8UT

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From some googling, I found this:
He says it emulates an Icom IC-7000 via the CIV cable. Make sure you match the baud, parity, bits and stop bits between the radio and the program.
Tom - N1MM
On 12/27/2019 11:26 AM, VE9AA - Mike wrote:
I do not see the Xiegu on the list of supported radios.
I just downloaded the manual and radio control details are quite lacking.
If it were me, I would try to select various radios to see what *may* work.
I certainly do not speak for the N1MM+ team (just a very pleased longtime user) but it's my opinion that
I doubt they will develop a radio command set for a radio that's so far off the beaten path and rarely ever talked about.
(searching Xiegu on here &  cqcontest brings up a total # of hits I can count on one hand.
GL !
Mike VE9AA
Until it it, you are likely on your own.

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