Request for info

Bouquelloen Freddy

Hello Ham people +....
A thanks to all for the information’s coming from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.
When I read the answers, I have not received a solution for my problem.
Shortly and again.
I received a new XIEGU X5105 with the new Firmware. One QRP SDR RADIO for outdoor contest !
In order to connect this to a linear amplifier (XPA 129) or one other I use the interface named CE 19 (Extension CAT)in Europe.
When I try to configure N1MM en open the menu CONFING PORT…..RADIO I never find my radio system.
At this moment it’s the end of the story.
Maybe there exist some compatibility between different radios.
I never found a solution on the internet here in EU.
My sincere apologies for the bath international Englisch, I am a native French speaker.
Sincerely yours 73

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