Re: Telnet window not working- connections to listed clusters fail

Michael Walker

Back before CQWW, I ran a script that showed all the clusters that were responding to logins.

Granted some clusters run 100% of the time and some do not, but if you search in the archives you will find my list that I published here.

You are always welcome to use mine, port 41112 

Mike va3mw

On Fri, Dec 13, 2019 at 9:40 PM Ed K0iL <eddieedwards@...> wrote:


I loaded W0MU cluster into Spot Collector matching the info in N1MM telnet.  W0MU works on Spot collector but still won't work on N1mm telnet.  
I loaded Spot Collector info for NN1D ( into N1MM telnet but it won't connect there like it does on spot collector.  

I then wondered where the port number info is entered on N1MM telnet and noticed this was missing from W0MU.  So I added the port info into W0MU on N1MM telnet edit, and guess what!  IT WORKED!  

Thanks for making me look closer at that detail.  I suspect most of the problem is missing port data like the case on W0MU which is 7373 by the way.  

73, de ed -K0iL
Omaha, NE

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