Re: Cabrillo Error


"the error box comes up" is not very helpful - can you be more specific? Is it a Run-Time Error box with dozens of lines of incomprehensible stuff? If so, you need to submit a bug report on the web site. If it is a short error message, what does it say?

In the contest setup window (File > Open Log in Database...), are all the boxes including the Sent Exchange (your ARRL section) filled in correctly?

Rich VE3KI

On Sun, Dec 8, 2019 at 11:05 AM, Thomas Rieff (K0YR) wrote:
Last night I went to save my log for the ARRL 160 contest. Found the cabrillo log is empty and the error box comes up.
The ADIF looks OK and Print score summary is OK.
I was able to save the log as a text file and q's show up.
Computer is at the cabin so unable to access physically, only through VNC and VPN.
Any thoughts?
Tom, K0YR

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