Re: Problem with Update 1.0.8029 (Dec 3, 2019)


Similar problem here, except I am totally new to N1MM. I downloaded the Fullinstaller 1.0.7711 on Dec. 3.
It created 2 aliases on the desktop, N1MM Logger+ and N1MM Rotor.
I launched N1MM+, was asked if I wanted to import a file etc. but I just close the window without entering anything.
So there is no log created, no callsign, nothing. i change nothing in files, directories, etc.
Then I decided to download the update,, 1.0.8029, Dec. 7
Now when I try to launch N1MM+, I got a window, for about one second, and then it closes itself.
That windows says
N1MM+ Starting ... - Version 1.0.8029
Built: 03/12/2019 19:57:22
Is this the same problem, or a variation due to the fact that I never entered any data into N1MM+ yet ?

Jean-Louis, F4HYJ

(For some reason, I cannot attach the screenshot I've made of this window. Syntax error etc.)

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