FT Roundup, A Learning Experience

Mike K2MK

I think this contest has been a learning experience for many of us. At the start of the contest, calling CQ resulted in many dupes calling me. I reviewed the WSJT online guide examples and realized that many people probably did not understand that only one person sends 73. After 73 is sent the contact is over. I too found it strange, especially on FT4 that the full contact was completed so quickly followed by a loss of the Enable TX red indication. A few hours later the problem seemed to resolve itself. Hardly any dupes. I can only assume that everybody began to understand the 73 concept.

It's also very nice to be able to switch back and forth between FT4 and FT8. It almost feels like switching bands as you find a new batch of potential contacts.

I'm looking forward to the January VHF contest. FT8 on 6 meters has, in the past, resulted in many dupes and some QSOs that never seemed to end. It was a good idea to have different frequencies for contest QSOs in the FT Roundup. I hope this idea is utilized for 6 meters in the VHF contest. I think many of the dupes, and the endless back-and-forth, may have been the result of mixing contest and non-contest operators.

Mike K2MK

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