TS-590 not keyed by WSJT-X

Andy k3wyc

The last time I was tempted to try a contest with N1MM and WSJT-X I got it working and made a few QSO.  Now, with later versions of N1MM and WSJT-X, I can't find any settings that will give CAT keying.

WSJT-X is configured for Rig Commander; PTT CAT, Mode None, Split Rig. (Commander is not running)
WSJT-X test CAT goes green but test CAT does not key the TS-590
N1MM is configured for TS-590; PTT via Radio Command Digital Mode.
Use Logger+ audio is enabled and before that was set Audio was set to "radio 1 output device is an internal radio codec"

These settings should cause N1MM to issue a TX1; command when WSJT is set to transmit.  However WSJT-X is producing audio  but the TS-590 is not keyed.

If I issue a TX1; command using a band map macro button then the rig is keyed and, if WSJT-X is set to transmit, then TS-590 transmits.

It's clear  that setting WSJT-X to transmit does not cause N1MM to issue a TX1; command over the "commander" interface but this did work before N1MM and WSJT-X updates.

Does anyone else see this problem or have any suggestions as to my configuration  error?

(WSJT-X 2.1.1, N1MM 1.0.8029.0)

Thanks and 73,
Andy, k3wyc

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