Problem with Update 1.0.8029 (Dec 3, 2019)

Serge Lavoie




Major problems for me this morning.


I open my computer to get prepair for the ARRL contest starting today.


When I open N1MM +, it ask me to get the revision : Update 1.0.8029 (Dec 3, 2019), I accept and install the new update.


My problem start here...


After the N1MM update, it is now impossible for me to start N1MM????


To make a short story ; After removing M1MM and make a complete new installation and get the update 1.0.8029

many times, I found that if I go back to version  Update 1.0.8019 (Nov 26, 2019) N1MM is working again...


Anyone have an answer for me?


First time in many year I have a problem with N1MM


Please excuse my inglish...  


This is the printsrceen of N1MM with the new Update 1.0.8029 (Dec 3, 2019)




73’ de Serge VE2HLS


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