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Larry K8UT


The term "Master PC" is often misunderstood. Master only defines the station used as the gateway for other stations to receive packet/spot data. The master plays no role different than any other PC when it comes to logging contacts.

The N1MM+ network topology is a peer-to-peer architecture designed to prevent any single point-of-failure. All stations forward their contact info to all other stations; all of whom insert all others' contacts into their logs. No individual station's log should be any larger than any of the other stations' logs. As long as the stations "see" each other in their Network Status windows the logs should all be identical (minus some very short propagation delay). If the logs are not auto-sync'ing then your first task should be to visit each station to ensure that it sees everybody else, and make corrections as required. Only after everybody is successfully connected should you perform a forced resync.

-larry (K8UT)

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Subject: [N1MM+] Network QSOs missing

We have 4 PCs networked. QSOs are mostly appearing on the master station but some do not appear in the log on the master even though they appear in the N1MM+ log on the PC actually making the QSO. Strangely all the QSOs are being uploaded to Clublog in a real-time manner using N2AMG's interface. All stations are in sync and a resync does not result in the missing QSOs appearing in the N1MM+ log on the master PC. Any suggestions as to how to correct this?
John W9ILY

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