Re: Having problem getting K3 and N1MM to communicate

Irwin Darack


Are you able to communicate with the radio using the K3 Utility? 
If so, make  sure the PTT settings in the radio (Config: PTT-Key) match those in N1MM. In addition, are sure you have the correct Baud rate set in both the radio and N1MM. 

Irwin KD3TB 

On Mon, Dec 2, 2019 at 8:37 PM Rob K6RB <k6rb58@...> wrote:
I just reassembled my station after six months of being disassembled and
in storage. What had been an SO2R set up with two K3's is now a SO1V set
up with just one K3. In the past, N1MM+ displayed both K3's and their
respective bands/frequencies. With just the one K3, however, I am unable
to get the K3 and logger to communicate. The computer (running Windows
7) shows a COM3 port for the K3 that is working. I selected the K3 and
used the recommended settings. But the logger shows a manual radio and
does not seem to be getting data from the K3. I get a message that the
radio on COM3 is not responding and to restore polling and hit retry.
Nothing I do seems to fix the situation.  I also show a working COM6 to
which the Winkey is connected and it is indeed working as expected.

Any suggestions?

Rob K6RB

Irwin KD3TB

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