Re: Having problem getting K3 and N1MM to communicate

Rob K6RB


N1MM+ and Device Manager both show only COM3 and COM6. COM6 is Winkey and it is working. COM3 is the K3. Device manager says the port is operating properly. The baud rates are the same. The setup is exactly what N1MM+ suggests. I tried two different USB-to-COM Port adapters and that is not the problem. I looked up what is involved in removing ghost COM ports and it requires command prompts, etc., which I am not comfortable doing. This system worked before, and there were only three ports involved - one for each K3 and one for Winkey.

Rob K6RB

On 12/2/2019 6:12 PM, Michael Walker wrote:
Hi Mike

It sounds like Com 3 is not the right port number anymore. 

Also, since it has been some time, I highly suggest you go through the exercise of deleting ghosted com ports to clean things up.

Sorry, I don’t have the link handy, but if you search in the Docs for N1MM you will find the instructions.  

Clean up all the ghosted ones, then you have a better chance of making 100% that your radio is connected to the right com port number.  Also, make sure the baud rate you use is the same on the radio and N1MM.  9600 is plenty high enough to provide stable communications between the computer and the radio.

Mike va3mw

On Dec 2, 2019, at 9:01 PM, Rob K6RB <k6rb58@...> wrote:

No, Mike, it was the original radio #1 and I did select SO1V.


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From: VE9AA - Mike
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Subject: Re: [N1MM+] Having problem getting K3 and N1MM to communicate


Hi Rob,

Is the current radio, your old radio #2 in ur old setup?
Make sure it's the correct primary (only) radio and that you've now selected this (see screenshot)



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