MORE: About today's New Version 1808

Larry K8UT

This week's update includes a new feature in which N1MM+ will detect/download/install a file for you, rather than requiring you to separately open a browser, find the file and download it. I haven't updated the website documentation yet, but here's how it works:

For Call History Files and Sample Function Key Files:
In the >File >Open Log in Database dialog window, select the >Associated Files tab. Press the [CHANGE] button adjacent to the labels for Call History Filename or Function Key Filename.
If there is a file on the website that matches this contest name, a dialog window will open and ask whether you want to assign it to this contest. If you answer Yes, the file is downloaded and installed. If you answer No, a File Explorer window will open for you to choose a local file (the way N1MM+ has worked for years).

To prevent you from harm - for example, overwriting a Function Key .MC file that you customized with personal preferences - any existing file of the same name will be archived with a .BAK designation.

This feature should be popular with groups like CWOPS whose Call History file changes on a weekly basis.

-larry K8UT

Version 1.0.8018 (Nov 26, 2019)
  1. Add website Call History files detect/download/install during contest setup (VE2FK) (coded by K8UT)
  2. Add website Sample Function Key file detect/download/install during contest setup (coded by K8UT)
  3. Fix bug with website detect/download/install new Gray Line Map background graphic (coded by K8UT)
  4. Improve website Language Pack download/install (coded by K8UT)
  5. Improve website N1MMplus.pdf documentation download/install (coded by K8UT)
  6. Grayline, Bandmap, Info, Log, Rotor: return focus to EW after moving window or clicking title bar (Coded by N1MM)

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