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Michael Walker

Don’t sell yourself short. 

It will make a difference.  

73, mike va3mw 

On Nov 25, 2019, at 9:42 PM, Ken McVie <kenmc@...> wrote:

 Hi Mike,
I'm not sure if I spent 10 mins a day if my CW skills would improve , they might, but at nearly 80 i'm not sure!!


On 24/11/2019 7:46 am, Michael Walker wrote:
There is no question the brain makes an excellent, if not the best Digital Signal Processor.  

I am personally amazed what SSB signals my brain can actually copy in very crowded conditions. 

Yes, when it comes when it comes to CW, I am not even  just ok.  

To be a CW operator in a contest, you have to have some sort of commitment and dedication.   You can't just do it once or twice a year.   For a new ham, same story.  Practiced and dedication, etc.  You have built up a core of excellent CW listening skills.  For those of you that are true high-speed ops, I am in awe.  

So, don't go so hard on those hams where 'sound reading' is not a natural talent.   I could just as easily say that all you CW ops could be writing better Ham Radio Software.  After all, it is just another skillset.

Personally, I know (at 61) that if I was to spend 10 minutes a day doing something like MorseRunner, etc., my speed would start to improve hugely.

Mike va3mw

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