Setting up for CQWWCW unable to control N1MM+ from keyboard

Pete N4KW

First I downloaded  latest version of N1mm+ V1.0.8014.0

While trying to test rig, I'm unable to get any response from any of the
"F" keys. The bottom of the main n1mm display asys

"File not found c\user\pete\documents\n1mm logger plus\wav\n4kw\T no
score".I have no idea what this is about.

 I also noted that the CQWWCW function key file says Key file requires
n1mm logger V12.02.00 or newer. Thats not close to my version
that I downloaded this evening

I've been unable to fix my problem and feel it is something simple that
I have missed.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

73, Pete, N4KW

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