Re: N1MM+ with Omnirig Virtual Comm Port software?

Patrick Herborn

On Thu, 21 Nov 2019 08:19:35 -0800
"John, G4DRS via Groups.Io" <> wrote:

Surely, once the virtual com ports have been created, by Omnirig,
or whatever means, you simply need to tell N1MM+ to use a specific
virtual port and it does.
That would be true *IF* that was how OmniRig works, but it does not.
OmniRig acts as a server / communication hub that other client
programs can connect to and ask it to "do things" with the rig.
It does not create new serial ports....

Does N1MM+ need to know whether it has been created by Omnirig?
Am I missing something?
Yes, OmniRig doesn't create serial ports, so there's nothing for
N1MM+ to connect to... N1MM+ would need OmniRig *CLIENT* support
in order for it to be able to use OmniRig to control a rig.

I think there might be some confusion because OmniRig may
use the Windows COM to talk to the clients. Note that the
Windows COM is the "Component Object Model" which may pass
information between programs (ie client and server) - not to
be confused with COM *ports* :)



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