Re: N1MM+ with Omnirig Virtual Comm Port software?

Patrick Herborn

On Thu, 21 Nov 2019 07:50:07 -0800
"David Wilkins via Groups.Io" <> wrote:

Hello - I already use Omnirig to interface my Windows 10 PC to my
FT-dx-5000MP and an SDRuno RSP-1A SDR.
I presume you mean SDRPlay RSP-1A and that you are using SDRUno as
your SDR software.... in which case you can get round this problem
"quite easily" thus :

Grab yourself a copy of com0com to implement a virtual serial
loopback - you will create two virtual serial ports which are
"internally connected". This will then allow you to configure
SDRUno (or SDRConsole V3) to "pretend" to be a TS-2000 using
one of the virtual ports and you can then configure N1MM+ to
connect to your virtual TS-2000 on the second virtual serial
port. This allows you to QSY by clicking in SDRUno, as well
as SDRUno getting VFO updates from the rig.

The second alternative is to use the RSP-1A ExtIO DLL with
N1MM+ and use the built-in spectrum scope that comes with
N1MM+, negating the need for SDRUno.... whilst this is not
as pretty as SDR Console V3 it has the major advantage that
it can display spots (telnet or local) as well as worked
stations on the spectrum display. The contrast is also considerably
higher on N1MM+'s spectrum display vs SDRConsole... SDRUno sits
somewhere in the middle. This increased contrast helps you to
more easily see signals that are barely perceptible on SDRConsole.
The catch with the RSP-1A on N1MM+ is that there is presently
no way to apply an IF offset, so you need to feed the RSP-1A
with an antenna signal. I believe that limitation is not present
if using the Airspy HF+. Oh, yes, before I forget, DO NOT
set the RSP-1A ExtIO DLL to "Zero IF" when using N1MM+'s spectrum,
it has caused the DLL to hang on transmit in the past! "Low IF"
will be fine....

 There are a few logging programs that Omnirig lists as being
compatible with its Virtual Comm Posts function, but not N1MM+.
True, but it has been my experience that having two programs
each trying to control the same rig is an exercise in frustration,
hence the sugggestion of letting SDRUno do that, and then get
N1MM+ to talk to SDRUno rather than the rig itself.

Any chance that N1MM+ may be updated to work with it?
Over to Tom on that one! :)

Regards - David G5HY


Patrick Herborn <pat@...>

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