Re: Multiplier-search/Third computer on M/2 network?

Tom Wagner (N1MM)

There is no multiplier station in M2.  You would need to specify Run1 or Run2 at any given time for that station and make sure it doesn't run the band change limit over 8.  Assuming each QSO is in the middle of a big run for the corresponding Run1/Run2 station, each QSO will create two band changes for that station. Note that you are responsible to electrically prevent two signals by the same Run1/Run2 station from transmitting at the same time.

*2. Two Transmitters (MULTI-TWO):*A maximum of two transmitted signals on two different bands may be used at any time. The log must indicate which station/signal made each QSO. Each station/signal may make a maximum of 8 band changes in any clock hour (00 through 59 minutes). Total output power must not exceed 1500 watts on any band at any time.

Tom - N1MM

On 11/20/2019 1:51 PM, Rick Tavan wrote:
Is there a way to have a third computer online when operating M/2, both for multiplier searching and as a hot standby? Trying this, MM insists that the third computer be either Run1 or Run2. There are already Run1 and Run2 computers on the network. What do I tell the third computer?


/Rick N6XI


Rick Tavan
Truckee and Saratoga, CA

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