Faulty Mult recognition in SSB SS

Victor Paul

I noted two issues with multiplier identification.
First, after I had  worked every single Canadian multiplier, N1MM+ flagged VA3WSG in red in my Available Mults and Qs window.  After I cleared it out, I believe another VE3 also came up red in the AMQ window, but that phenomenon eventually stopped.  This isn't the first time I've seen an issue like this with Canadian mults (I seem to recall seeing something similar in one the RAC contests?) and have just lived with it. 

Second, and more concerning is the inverse of the problem above.  On Sunday AM the only mult I lacked was Puerto Rico.  As things had settled down I had the AMQ window set to show mults AND Qs, (not just Mults).  Good thing too, because I saw KP3MM come up, but only in blue.  N1MM+ hadn't recognized it as a needed Puerto Rican multiplier and if I'd left the AMQ window in Mults only mode I would have missed it.   I noticed that N1LN noting the same thing in his 3830 blurb at:


Fortunately, I recognized it, swung the beam SE and bagged him.  Maybe the N1MM+ logic isn't set up to recognize KP3 as KP4?

Not a huge deal, but thought the developers would like to know.  Kudos to the N1MM+ team for their outstanding contribution to 21st century contesting.

Victor WB0TEV

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