Re: TX focus switching problems with Flex 6600M

Jamie WW3S

FWIW, I had a 6600, separate Maestro...bought it mainly because it’s marketed as SO2R in the box.....I never could solve the TX switching problem.....mainly used on RTTY and cqing on two bands was difficult.....when it worked, it worked well, but when it didn’t, well you know that story.....sometimes I could go for a few hours, no hiccups, sometimes three times in ten minutes....I guess my point is, it’s not the network....

On Nov 19, 2019, at 1:27 AM, Grant Kesselring <kesselg75@...> wrote:

After operating for the entire Sweepstakes SSB contest this weekend, I only saw the "attempt to change TX antenna while transmitting" maybe one or two times.  However, I did have Radio Swap Transmit Lead/Tail times set at 200ms.  I purposefully set these delay time longer to prevent any problems.  However, there were times during operation where I noticed this radio swap delay, and would have preferred it to be shorter.

In my setup, I have the Flex6600M cabled to the PC running N1MM+ through a Netgear Nighthawk X6 router.  My question is: would it be better from a radio swapping latency perspective if the FlexRadio was connected directly to the PC running the software (ie, remove the router)?  The router itself is just a few months old so I have no reason to suspect problems with it.  However, it seems like a piece of hardware that could potentially be causing latency in the system.  Has anyone ever experimented?

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