Re: TX focus switching problems with Flex 6600M

Grant Kesselring

After operating for the entire Sweepstakes SSB contest this weekend, I only saw the "attempt to change TX antenna while transmitting" maybe one or two times.  However, I did have Radio Swap Transmit Lead/Tail times set at 200ms.  I purposefully set these delay time longer to prevent any problems.  However, there were times during operation where I noticed this radio swap delay, and would have preferred it to be shorter.

In my setup, I have the Flex6600M cabled to the PC running N1MM+ through a Netgear Nighthawk X6 router.  My question is: would it be better from a radio swapping latency perspective if the FlexRadio was connected directly to the PC running the software (ie, remove the router)?  The router itself is just a few months old so I have no reason to suspect problems with it.  However, it seems like a piece of hardware that could potentially be causing latency in the system.  Has anyone ever experimented?

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