Re: UDC File problems for ARRL EME

John Bednar

> When I choose another udc file belongs to other contests, they show automatically the needed bandplan


The Entry Window Band Panel bands are saved when a change is made with the contest name. If you open the same contest again, the Band Panel bands from the last usage will be displayed.


It is not possible to set the bands to be displayed in the UDC.


Right click, select the Bands option, and set the bands that you want displayed for the EME contest.


John, K3CT


From: [] On Behalf Of Oguzhan Kayhan
Sent: Monday, November 18, 2019 10:12 AM
Subject: Re: [N1MM+] UDC File problems for ARRL EME


Thank you Rich. I will try that.

Logs imported from MSHV (a software similar to WSJT and mostly used for MS and EME activity) no contest selected during export.. Default adif output..

But you may be right.. I tried importing all qsos in same db with different contests.


With band panel and contest setup.. When I choose another udc file belongs to other contests, they show automatically the needed bandplan.. For example.. if I select TA VHF contest..

band panel switches to 6m 2m 70 cm...which is valid for the contest category...

So, My question was mostly for learning the udc in detail.. .. Which parameter controls this behavior.. or is there anything like this.. I made a diff check between this two contests.. and there was not much difference 



With creating the cabrillo format,  

I solved my problem and already submitted my log to arrl.. Now.. trying to learn details.. 







On Mon, Nov 18, 2019 at 2:48 PM ve3ki <ve3iay@...> wrote:

When you imported the ADIF file, were those contacts already in the database but perhaps logged in a different contest, such as the general DX log, or a second instance of the ARRLEMEVHF contest? That would explain the message about duplicates - the program cannot contain two identical copies of the same QSO in different contests in the same database. It will automatically adjust the times of the imported QSOs to avoid an exact match.

Regarding the band panel in the Entry window, that is configurable. Right-click with the mouse in the entry window and select the "Change Band Panel Display" menu item. That will open a dialog window where you can choose which bands to display.

In the Contest Setup window, it appears that you may have selected CW+SSB as the Mode category. Your contacts were made in a digital mode, and may have been assigned zero points because of that. Change the Mode category to CW+SSB+DIGITAL, then close and reopen the program to see whether that corrects the claimed score.

Rich VE3KI

On Mon, Nov 18, 2019 at 05:23 AM, Oguzhan Kayhan wrote:


Last weekend there was ARRL EME contest..

They were asking for cabrillo format  log upload..

So first I downloaded the udc file from n1mm webpage

Then created new contest with the start date set to the first leg of vhf contest..

After creating I tried to upload the adif export to the n1mm..

But it gave a warning that there is 24(which is the number of qsos on log) duplicates, and if I want to continue..(log file was empty)

Error! Filename not specified.



The example line to the exported adif file is;



  That was one of the issues..  Not so critical indeed.. It just imported them normally after clicking OK.


Next issue I faced is the band plan for contest,

UDC file is made for vhf and up frequencies...But the appeared menu shows only HF frequencies..

Error! Filename not specified.


I checked the fields on the udc file for any clue that I can check , but everything seems appropriate.

For example MultiplierBands =4 on the udc file..

Is there anything that I am missing ?


Anyway, after importing the adif file, when I click recalculate it marked all qso's as 0 points..

But if I add a new qso, It calculates with 100 points as indicated in udc file..


Anyway, I uploaded the cabrillo file created from n1mm and uploaded to arrl robot. And it calculated points normally...

I am just trying to learn if this udc file has any errors, and if we can fix that..

Or n1mm can not work according to the rules of arrl eme contest and needs additional tools for correct scoring??









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