Re: Can stop N1MM Voice Keyer?

Patrick Herborn

On Tue, 12 Nov 2019 09:06:16 -0500
"John Bednar via Groups.Io" <> wrote:

For the few isolated times you want to stop the voice keyer, what
can be easier than a no circuit solution, pressing the ESC key?
This actually ties in to an issue that I have been meaning to sort out
for some time and just haven't gotten round to yet....

Imagine for a moment that you want to have your mic connected to your
computer, not to the rig directly. This then offers the possibility of
re-recording your WAV files with zero fuss. The mic is going into the
computer anyway, so you just hit record. Contrast this with the "other"
way, which would take a line-in from the rig back to the computer, and
then you need to force the rig into Monitor mode, and most rigs won't
do that unless you key up, and then perhaps you don't want to transmit
the recording so you have to swap over to a dummy load - ALL OF THAT
just to record your voice keyer message!

I had tried a half-way house to this (didn't have a DB9 or DB25 handy
at the time)- feed the mic into the computer and have it monitored to
the comuputer audio out. But that failed on an FT-950 because it has
PTT affinity : if you use the front panel (Mic) PTT then it mutes the
rear audio (from the computer), and vice versa (ie mutes the mic if
the rear PTT is engaged).... result is that you key up and no
modulation happens, other than for the VK (since the PTT is going
in the front and the computer is going in the back). It *might* be
possible to diode-OR the rear PTT between the footswitch and the
computer but it's still a hack - there should be ONE thing that
determines whether we are in TX - not TWO.

The PTT into the computer could form the basis of a very elegant
solution. The rig is *always* put into TX by the computer. If it's
VK then the computer could also turn on monitor (especially if
it is using CAT based TX) whilst in VK mode (and also mute the
mic when in this mode). If, on the other hand, the operator
presses the PTT, then the computer could un-mute the mic, send
its audio to the rig, through the same port, and turn off
monitor (again, "easy" if it's using CAT based TX to start
with anyway).... though it would probably also be possible to
mute the audio out of the computer UNLESS in VK or PTT, which
means you could then use VOX on the rig.

Under such circumstances, you're going to use the PTT to answer
the call, so having PTT stop the voice keyer is certainly not
daft at all, and actually one step less than hitting ESC.
Admittedly this is not a feature you'de use in digi modes but
for SSB it would be quite good!

BTW, the ESC key also stops CW and digital transmissions.
Indeed it does. But I do concur that the PTT should have the same
effect - as well a switching audio source from VK to mic (if
it doesn't already do that - I need to play around with this!)

John, K3CT


Patrick Herborn <pat@...>

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