Re: Problem with DI in WAE

Tim Shoppa

I largely do my QTC'ing by reading by eye from the RTTY decoder (I have at least 3 open so I have multiple to choose from, whatever has best copy, and by typing I can incorporate the "best of" multiple decoders) and typing into the QTC boxes.

I have two panes (N1MM and 2Tone) of decoders inside the DI window.

But today, once instead of typing, I tried clicking in the DI window for a couple of QTC's where copy was really clear. I started clicking in the 2Tone pane to copy those in and it seemed to work for about 5 lines and then it "froze up". No new decodes scrolling in that pane. I then went to the MMTTY window, which was still scrolling, and right after the last Q there that one "froze up". In the next minute they seemed to start scrolling again.

Tim N3qE

On Sun, Nov 10, 2019 at 3:34 PM Rick Ellison <rellison@...> wrote:


What processor is your computer??

I’m trying to understand the pausing that is taking effect. I was copying a station that was sending QTC a little bit ago and I opened the receive window and was able to click on each qtc with no issues. Each qtc was entered into the correct row.

The process of the clicking on the qtc is when your mouse click goes down the RX window is paused when you release your mouse click the line in the screen where the mouse is over is copied and sent to the QTC window for processing and entering in the qtc boxes. As soon as that is done the RX window is un-paused and the strip should be turning back green.

If it is doesn’t turn green you can click on the yellow strip and that will stop the pausing and turn it back green.


Nothing in that code has changed in a number of years so I am trying to understand what else in the background could be causing it.


73 Rick N2AMG


From: [] On Behalf Of Doug Ferguson
Sent: Saturday, November 9, 2019 12:26 PM
Subject: [N1MM+] Problem with DI in WAE


I'm having a big issue with the DI freezing when receiving QTC's in the WAE.  Usually a few will print and I can
click to fill the QTC form but at some point the DI freezes up and the green side bar turns yellow.  I have not found
a way to unfreeze it by clicking on something.  It only frees up when I move off freq. but then I lose the sent QTC's.
If I manually go ahead and tell sender that I've received all ok I can go back and fill in from GRITTY DI but it's a huge hassle
especially if I'm running. 
Any thoughts would be apprecited
Doug - N7NM

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