Re: Passing mults in M/2 environment

John Bednar



Sure, modify the macro to send the pass frequency of the other station and add an END macro to send a message to the other station when you pass a station.


Here is a manual link to the Pass macros.


I used to use this method. The downside is you need to modify the function key macro when you change the band on either radio. That is time consuming.


You wouldn’t want every needed station to automatically be spotted and appear in the other station’s Bandmap Run frequency. Sometimes the station won’t move and sometimes they never respond to the QSY request.


John, K3CT


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Thanks, John, that's helpful.

But if there are only two stations and two computers involved, it seems that the spot would have nowhere else to go but to the other station. Is there a way to get the spot to just go there by default, without having to first click a band button? I'd like to avoid having to reach for the mouse...

Tony  KM0O

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