Re: Passing mults in M/2 environment

John Bednar



The Band Button color indicates what band you need the current station for a double mult (green), single mult (red), QSO (Blue), or worked already (Gray).


From memory, set your RUN  F7 and F8  Function key messages to:


F7 QSY Pse,{LOG}>>r ! QSY?


F8 QSY Msg,>>QSY>> {LastPassedFreq}


The callsign and while the exchange is being sent, look at the Band Button colors and decide if you want to ask the station to QSY. If you want to pass the station, don’t log the station with Enter.  Instead, first “Right” click on the Band Button that you would like to QSY the station to and then press F7. If the station indicates they will QSY, press F8 otherwise press F3 to send the TU message.


Right clicking on the Band Button sets a variable used by the macro {LastPassedFreq} with the Run frequency or Pass frequency of that station. You will see a message in your Info window indicating the pass frequency. If you have multiple stations on the passing band, the program logic will search for the station that is running. The callsign that you passed will appear in the Bandmap of the other station on the Run frequency or Pass frequency. In addition a message is set to that station warning that you just passed a station. Finally, a note will be made in the contest notes that this station was passed. This is to allow you to review the effectiveness of your passing post contest.


I typically disable the left click on Band Buttons when operating at a mult and passing stations this way. To do this right click in the Entry and select Disable Left Click on Band Buttons.


If the band that you attempted to pass to does not have a RUN frequency or a PASS frequency set, a message is sent to that computer that a pass was attempted but the frequency was not available.


There are other passing methods but this is the one that I prefer.


John, K3CT



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de KM0O

There are probably more ways than one to do this, so I'm looking for suggestions about passing multipliers between two computers (M/2 contest environment). I find the manual a bit sketchy on this subject. All suggestions are welcome. Assume that I'm very much a beginner at this... because I am. If you're experienced at this, what works for you?

Thanks, 73
Tony  KM0O

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