Re: Call History File for WAE?

Tim Shoppa

For a pure serial number contest, like WAE or WPX, there really isn’t any need or use for a history file containing previous years exchanges.

History files make more sense if the exchange at least partially  includes items that don’t necessarily change from year to year, like name or state or section, etc. (Even though these might change for any number of reasons).

The generic country file and SCP files will work fine for Mults. If you were super serious about prepping for winning you might customize them for active RTTY DXpeditions or announced funny RTTY callsigns but I just go with the defaults.

Tim N3QE

On Nov 8, 2019, at 4:23 PM, David AD4TJ via Groups.Io <ad4tj@...> wrote:

Ok, I have looked through the Call History files and see nothing listed as WAERTTY.txt or anything close to it. So what is everybody using? And why is it not listed somewhere in the Setup for the contest to use x file? Thanks in advance.

73, David AD4TJ

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