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Irwin Darack


It is my understanding that RTTY in AFSK is always LSB , while FT8, etc are always USB. Also, I have my 7300 set up for 2 different Loads using an SD card with one for HRD and the other for N1MM.

Irwin, KD3TB 

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N1MM Logger changes this radio menu setting for wav files and afsk rtty when configured correctly. 

John,  K3CT 

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Thanks Mike
The DATA MOD did the trick it now transmits in USB and LSB RTTY it just gives a solid tone.
I also went into MTTY and chanced my soundcard transmit to USB Audio CODEC.
I think I got it but I need to do some more reading...N1NM has way more then I'll ever use.
I just like to get in on some of the contest.
I used to use HRD before but could never turn in a log.

So I guess I use USB on the 7300.

Thanks and sorry for not catching on a little quicker.


Irwin KD3TB

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