Re: F2 Macro

Gerald Boutin (VE1DT)

On Wed, Nov 6, 2019 at 12:18 AM, Doug Renwick wrote:

I am aware of tabbing to the sent box that allows an easy change of S only. I was looking for a way to tab to the sent box and replace all three, rst, without doing what you suggest in your last sentence as that is cumbersome when in a race.






It was done this way as it generally requires the least keystrokes overall. The assumption is that 5x9 is the most common RST and should require the least number of keystrokes (1).

I think an improvement would be allowing Ctrl+a to select the entire RST for over-typing.

eg) To send 459, you'd start with 599 and type: ctrl+a 459.

Adding autofill with 9's might be a bit over the top. eg) ctrl+a 45, space (or tab) to enter 459.
Gerald, VE1DT

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