Re: This darn rotor control

Michael Walker


There is a clue with this since the COM port keeps changing.   My first thought to solve this might be to try using a different RS232/USB adapter.  You want to look for one with the FTDI chipset in it.

I like the Startech ones on Amazon.  The ones with 'retention' means they remember their Com port number if you happen to plug it into a different USB port.

Mike va3mw

On Mon, Nov 4, 2019 at 9:44 AM Steven Adell <kf2ti@...> wrote:

A gracious good morning

Once again, the rotor control tells me my comport is in use and refuses to function

I am using a Ham IV with HyGain's DCU-3 controller  on Comport 16 (I had to manually do this as Win10 keeps resetting the Comport to 4)

It use to work and now doesn't    I switched to Comport 4 and it worked once then that dreaded message, so I switched back

I set everything according to instructions and past recommendations but alas, here we are again

As a matter of comparison, if I run my logging program (not at the same time) DX4WIN, the rotor control works flawlessly

Most frustrating as I hate when things are not right (OCD I guess)


Steve KF2TI

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