Re: Leading Zeros / Long Dahs


Same or me.
Claude VE2FK

Le 2019-11-04 à 09:37, n7wy via Groups.Io a écrit :

I am with Tim/N3QE.  The use of NR as a preamble for sending a serial number seems to be increasing in frequency of use over the past year or two.  When I hear NR at the beginning of a pouncer’s response to what I send as a runner, I instantly posture to be ready to send my serial NR again.  I expect a pouncer to send his NR as the first numeric portion of his sent exchange and do not need to hear the preamble NR!  Additionally, sending NR slows down rate. 

I only send leading numbers or cut numbers when the sponsor rules say 3 digits or more must be sent.


Bob R – N7WY


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